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Would you like to captivate and entertain your audience? Hire a Ken Hofbauer convention caricature artist in Las Vegas, NV! There is no more unique or novel form of convention entertainment. If you want your booth to be crowded with interested onlookers, allow a talented convention artist from our team to help attract the attention you need!

If you are looking for just the right convention artist for hire, allow us to show you the portfolio of work by our talented and experienced professional artists. Entertainment is provided for anyone who walks by if you choose candid caricatures, or for your customers and clients if you prefer. Posed caricatures are just as fun and help create a line around your booth, perfect for attracting attention. A convention artist is the ideal solution for entertainment, attraction, and fun! Ken can also do digital caricatures to keep and send files to your friends, family, and coworkers!

Not only does your convention artist help draw a crowd, he or she also makes attendees feel good as they go home with a fun souvenir that will remind them of the day. Add your company information to the art and watch your details circulate the convention floor! Our convention caricature artists make every event a blast. In just moments, a hilarious cartoon of your attendees and guests is created, enthralling children, mesmerizing adults, and thoroughly entertaining everyone in attendance.

Do you have an upcoming trade show or convention in Las Vegas, NV? If so, set your booth or presentation apart with creative and fun caricatures created by a Ken Hofbauer professional and talented convention artist!