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What do Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Daumier, and Dick Van Dyke all have in common with Ken Hofbauer? All are caricature enthusiasts! Of course, when you need a caricature artist in Las Vegas, NV, we can guarantee that we are the most accessible of these wonderful choices. A caricature is defined as an exaggeration through ludicrous distortion of characteristics, which is what makes them such an entertaining form of party entertainment!

When you choose caricatures by Ken Hofbauer for your event entertainment, you get a professional and talented artist (or artists) who will create wildly funny caricatures of your guests. Our artists always create art in good taste and know how to work a room, making sure guests are happy and never offended. Each cartoon is yours to keep; some of our clients form one giant book of caricatures, while others allow every guest to take their personalized artwork home—it is all up to you!

When we think of caricatures and the artists who create them, the aesthetic is largely uniform, but when you work with a professional artist (and not someone who dabbles in caricature at the mall) you get the sense of personal artist style that is expressed through each piece. Many of our artists publish their work in magazines and papers and have designed recognizable logos and characters. Some exhibit their work in museums and art galleries. This superior artwork is the real difference when you choose our services.

If you think caricatures could be the perfect addition to your next party or event, simply call to speak to our friendly and experienced artists. We look forward to providing your next shindig with a professionally goofy touch!