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At Ken Hofbauer Art Studios where the services of providing caricatures are endless. Traditional hand drawn and digital caricatures are a big hit at any and every event, but we offer so much more. We can provide your event with an extended list of how you can utilize the great caricature artwork of Ken Hofbauer.

Sign In Board: A big hit at birthdays, weddings, Bar mitzvah/Bat mitzvahs, and going away parties. You can commission us before hand to illustrate the person of honor on a large board and place it at the entrance where everyone can sign it. It becomes a cherished memento that can be framed and adored for years to come.

Gift Caricatures: You can commission us to illustrate caricatures of family, friends, employees, and business associates, that can be framed and given as gifts or used as promotional distribution. Great for wedding announcements and holiday cards. Whatever you can think of I have already done it.

Room Decorations: Caricatures of friends, employees, or celebrities can be painted in different themes, costumes, and activities. The artwork can be reproduced an displayed throughout the banquet hall or venue.

Caricature Illustrations: Ken Hofbauer's caricatures have been printed in books, magazines, newspapers, invitations, T-shirts and thousands of other applications. We will gladly show you our portfolio of our work that has been used by other clients.

Commissions: We eagerly and energetically look forward to facilitating caricature illustrated artwork to what ever your heart and mind can imagine.